A truly touching tale

March 8th, 2023 Posted in Blog
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Our Hospice at Home Service enables patients with advanced illnesses to be cared for where they feel most comfortable. With a series of planned and responsive home visits, our Hospice at Home service provides practical nursing care and advice 24 hours a day.

Recently, the team cared for a gentleman who lived on his own and spent time with him over a period of nine weeks. The gentleman had a love for animals, with two birds and an eight-year-old cat named Georgie. Georgie had a very close relationship with her owner, having lived with him for six years. She would always sleep on his bed prior to his illness. Sadly, when the gentleman’s bed became a hospital bed, Georgie would no longer sleep on it.

Hospice at Home nurse Rachael, who shares the same love for animals, grew a strong bond with Georgie over the nine weeks and would look forward to seeing her during her visits.

When the gentleman’s illness progressed, Rachael asked what would happen to Georgie and his other pets. After learning that Georgie would be going to a rescue centre, Rachael offered her a home, asking the family if she could adopt her.

Georgie has now been living with Rachael for a few weeks and is slowly settling in with the new attention of four people. She has bonded with Rachael’s two other cats and likes to show them who is the boss! Georgie shows a lot of affection for her new family, having lost her previous owner of such a long time.

Georgie had previously been an indoor cat. spending a lot of time with the gentleman, but Rachael has decided to start letting Georgie outside in the summer, so she can enjoy many new adventures.

We are so pleased to see that Georgie has found a new loving home, and gets to live with someone who had cared for her owner during his final days. We wish Rachael and Georgie all the very best.

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