Supporting Local Hospice Care: Kenwood’s Commitment to Rowans Hospice Charity

July 20th, 2023 Posted in Blog

Rowans Hospice plays a vital role in providing essential comfort and support to patients with life-limiting illnesses and their families in Portsmouth and South East Hampshire. Our compassionate and highly skilled team of carers is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for patients by addressing their physical symptoms while offering invaluable psychological, spiritual, and social support to both patients and their loved ones.

As a Charity, Rowans Hospice receives a very small level of statutory support from the Government, however, almost all of the money required to provide our services needs to be raised through legacies, individual donations, fundraising events, the Charity’s lottery and our Retail shops.

Corporate support from esteemed companies such as Kenwood is of utmost importance. Not only does it help us fund vital equipment and resources, but it also raises awareness about the significance of Hospice care within our community.

Kenwood, a global electronics company with a UK head office in Havant, recently nominated Rowans Hospice as its Charity of the Year. Through its ‘Give Something Back’ team, Kenwood asked employees to nominate charities they believed would benefit from the company’s support. After careful consideration and voting among employees, Rowans Hospice emerged as the top choice.

Kenwood’s dedication to supporting Rowans Hospice has been truly exemplary. The company actively participates in various fundraising activities throughout the year, including a product sale that raised an astounding £10,000. Thanks to this generous donation, the Charity was able to acquire two essential pieces of new equipment: a Volumetric Pump and a portable scanner machine.

The Volumetric Pump allows us to administer medication and fluids directly at the Hospice, eliminating the need to transfer patients to the hospital for specialized treatment. This enables patients to remain in the familiar and comforting environment of the Hospice, where they can receive care from the nurses and healthcare staff they know and trust.

The lightweight and transportable scanner machine is a valuable addition to our resources. It can be used to examine any part of the body and is particularly useful in locating blood vessels in patients who may have compromised veins due to their illness. The scanner facilitates the guidance of needles into blood vessels by healthcare professionals, reducing trauma for the patient.

Kenwood’s commitment to supporting Rowans Hospice extends beyond fundraising efforts. The company participated in the recent Moonlit Memories Walk in memory of three colleagues, and formed a dedicated team of walkers.

The significance of corporate support for Hospice care cannot be emphasized enough. It not only provides essential funding for equipment and resources but also raises awareness within the community.

If you are a business owner or employee, please consider supporting your local Hospice. Your efforts can make a significant difference in the lives of patients and their families.

Rowans Hospice Charity always welcomes new corporate supporters. If you are interested in becoming a corporate supporter, we invite you to visit our website to learn more about how you can contribute. Together, we can make a meaningful impact in the lives of those who need it most.

For more information, please visit Rowans Hospice Corporate Fundraising

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