Sound Relaxation Workshops offer the opportunity for creativity, relaxation and escapism!

March 25th, 2020 Posted in Staff & Services
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There is a growing body of work looking at the positive impact that sound has on your general well-being. Sound can affect your mind, body and soul.

The vibrational sound of a drum, bell or a gong for example can just help you relax and allow you to drop into a meditative state, creating a deep sense of peace and well-being.

I am a great advocate of Sound Therapy as nearly nine years ago, I hit rock bottom and was utterly depressed. I joined a drumming circle and have never looked back.

Drumming gave me that moment I needed, detached from the thoughts about everything else going on in my life and fully immersed in an activity, creating a positive impact on my whole emotional and physical state.

I wanted people in our community impacted by living-limiting illnesses to experience such a ‘moment’ like I did. Therefore the Sound Relaxation Workshops I run at the Rowans Living Well Centre offer the opportunity for creativity, relaxation and escapism!

People can explore instruments like drums, gongs and Tibetan bowls and their range of sounds. They can also take the opportunity to lay down in the middle of a circle and bathe in the sound of their choice. I make sure they are comfortable and relaxed, so that they allow themselves to be in the moment and just enjoy the time and space detached from their thoughts.

Running workshops was something my friend Lisa Sumner and I always wanted to do together. However, her cancer returned and Lisa spent her last days at the Hospice. I wanted to make sure that I fulfilled this wish and so I’m happy to now run workshops in her memory.

Rowans has got such a great ethos. They treat people as individuals, with respect, and support the network of people around the patient. Rowans takes care of everyone, the families and carers, from the moment of diagnoses right into bereavement. It’s a special place in our community and in my heart.”

Pauline is registered with the Complimentary Medicine Association and is a Graduate of Resinated Sound Healer Training.

This blog has been written as part of National Complementary Therapy Week 2020. Find out more about the wide range of courses therapies and assistance available for those living with a life limiting illness and their carers, at Rowans Living Well Centre here.

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