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July 10th, 2019 Posted in Patient Stories
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“We found out about the Living Well Centre through a friend of mine who was going there. I just thought it was for cancer patients, I didn’t realise anyone with life-shortening illnesses could walk in and seek advice.

For a long time I have suffered a series of illnesses, strokes, cancer, major surgery and rheumatoid arthritis, that sort of thing. It all began to feel like one big struggle, after trying to recover from a major fall, I was in a bad state. So my wife dragged me to the Living Well Centre to see what support was available.

It was then we met Lesley Ann. All I can say is coming to Living Well Centre has certainly been an eye opener for me. The place is marvellous and I have actually become a bit of a fixture.

I initially attended all six sessions of ‘Living better, living well’ programme covering different activities. I hated anything to do with exercise before I came but the great thing about here is that it’s not like being shuffled into a room and going through the exercises, personality comes into it. The physiotherapists Maggie and Louise, really inspired me. We also had a session on Mindfulness which made a tremendous impression on me and has been more than valuable, making me focus on the present. Letting go of the past and not worrying about the future. These sessions really set me in a better place and inspired me to do things.

There are so many amazing opportunities on offer here. I have enjoyed the nutrition course and range of complimentary therapy treatments. I have even taken part in the Creative Writing course, which was fascinating as before, my world was accountancy, which meant playing out statistics and figures and comparing them and writing reports. I suppose you could call that creative but it was a bit boring, there was nothing magical about it! For a man who hated exercise, I now go willingly to a Chair-based exercise class.

I have even fulfilled a lifelong wish to learn about the Harp through Rowans. It is something I wanted to do ever since being on a cruise that had a Harpist. She played every evening and I used to watch and listen to the beautiful music. The gentle movement of it absolutely fascinated me. So I couldn’t really believe that they ran Harp Taster Sessions. I told Lesley Ann that I wanted to go on it, so when my day of reckoning comes and I have to meet St Peter and he asks if I have any transferable skills I could say “yes, I can play the harp” and he will say “that’s great, I can make you an Angel!”

I want people to know how wonderful this place is. It is more than the support you get, it’s the warm welcome, it’s the whole ambiance of the place and the attitude of the staff. There is always someone to talk to about anything you have on your mind. Rowans Living Well Centre is the best place possible to come if you or a loved one is facing life limiting illnesses because they will do everything they can to help you. I can say this with all sincerity, as for me it’s been true.”

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