Successful CHKS Re-accreditation Recognises Our Dedication To Delivering Quality Services

October 17th, 2019 Posted in Hospice News
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Rowans Hospice is delighted to announce that following a comprehensive inspection survey and report by CHKS, the leading provider of healthcare intelligence and quality improvement services, it has successfully achieved CHKS re-accreditation.

Valid until 2022, this means that Rowans Hospice has: upheld the quality standards defined by CHKS national regulations; maintained clear processes, and continues to demonstrate a drive to improve quality throughout the organisation.

Jenny Redman, Director of Quality at Rowans Hospice is responsible for ensuring that the CHKS accreditation is retained. Speaking about the award and the reasons behind applying for it Jenny stated:

Patient care is at the heart of everything we do and this CHKS re-accreditation recognises our dedication to delivering quality services. Applying for and having been awarded this non statutory accreditation, offers assurance to service users that Rowans Hospice is an elite healthcare provider. The CHKS mark demonstrates our commitment to delivering the best quality services for patients, maintaining financial stability and reassuring and retaining the confidence of donors, funders, volunteers and staff.

Jenny added: “Furthermore, [this] can be submitted to the Care Quality Commission inspectors, as part of the Hospice’s self-assessment process, to demonstrate the organisation’s commitment to quality improvement.”

So what exactly is involved in achieving the CHKS Award?

CHKS provides a framework of standards that all the Hospice services, including its retail operations, are required to meet in order to achieve the accreditation.

The programme is based on the concept that the quality of care that patients receive can be consistently enhanced if the underlying systems of the organisation and processes for care are thought through, monitored and continuously reviewed.

Jenny Redman explains:

To achieve the accreditation, CHKS arranges an external peer review, in the form of a survey that is carried out by experienced professionals in the hospice/healthcare and specialist palliative care sector. The areas that are covered are incorporated into 33 standards that cover everything from Person Centred Care, Organisational Leadership and Management, to Risk and Safety, Facilities and Site Services, Specialist and Clinical Services and our Retail Operations.

“Knowing what was involved, demonstrating to all that we continue to fully comply with the all CHKS standards and criteria relating to legal and professional requirements, all aspects of patient and family care, plus the safety of patients, staff and visitors, makes me feel very proud. Together we worked as a team and now feel so proud of what we have achieved.”

Speaking about the Accreditation, Moyra Amess, CHKS Director, Benchmarking, Assurance & Accreditation said: “The accreditation process requires dedication and commitment. Every organisation we make this award to has proved to our external assessors that its standards and process meet international best practice standards. This is a significant achievement.”

The survey was carried out in June 2019 and the Hospice received notification in September that re-accreditation had been obtained and will last until 2022. Over the next three years the Hospice will continue the hard work and commitment to fulfilling the standard criteria as part of the Hospice’s quality assurance arrangements.

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