Rowans Meerkat Service

Rowans Meerkat Service provides specialist support to assist children and young people who have a significant adult (such as a parent or grandparent) with a life-limiting illness or who have been bereaved of an adult close to them. We work alongside families with children up to the age of 18.

Children have the capacity to cope well with loss, providing they have the right support. However, sometimes it can be difficult for family members to provide this. It can be really hard to manage the balance of wanting to protect children, whilst also keeping them informed about what’s happening.

Providing Support

There are a variety of ways we can support families, depending on each child’s individual needs. This includes guidance to parents/guardians, advice to schools and other agencies, and when appropriate, individual support with children. We also facilitate groups throughout the year for children who have been bereaved.

Individual support with a child involves working at their pace, ensuring our sessions are always child-centred. We know that talking to someone new can be tough, so we focus on building a relationship with each child and offering them a safe space to explore what is happening within their family and how they are managing. Arts, crafts and games often feature in our sessions!

Meerkat Mail

Bereavement can be a very lonely experience for many children. Our magazine, ‘Meerkat Mail’ is produced twice a year and offers the opportunity for children to share their stories of loss, so children reading them know they are not alone. If you’re a child and have a story you would like to share, please call us on 023 9224 8025.

Talking About It

Our ‘Small Book of Big Conversations’ offers guidance to parents/guardians supporting children through serious illness and into bereavement. You can download a PDF copy of this booklet here:

Small Book of Big Conversations

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If you or your child would like further information about Rowans Meerkat Service, please

call us on 023 9224 8025

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