Psychology Services

“I found the Psychology service to be person-centred, valuing, responsive, appropriately challenging, empathetic – above all, human and kind in a very dark and helpless time.”

We recognise that the effects of a life-limiting illness go well beyond physical problems. During what is a period of profound emotional disturbance, people sometimes find themselves overwhelmed. When this happens it can be helpful to have support from a compassionate professional, outside of the family, who can help you find ways of looking after yourself.

Our team of Clinical Psychologists have specialist skills and experience to help people experiencing difficulties such as depression, anxiety, panic, fear around dying and coping with grief. All people are different and there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach, so our psychologists use a range of therapeutic approaches to ensure that each individual gets the best care at their own pace. They work closely with colleagues within the hospice who can offer additional support when required.

Individuals are referred to us from all areas of the Hospice, including Day Care, the Social Work Team, and Bereavement Services. The service also receives referrals from the Local Palliative Care teams and all local GPs. The psychology service represents a partnership between the NHS and Rowans Hospice.

To contact the Specialist Palliative Care Clinical Psychology team please

call us on 023 9223 8548