Social Work

Bereavement Services

"I was never made to feel like my grief was something I was going to 'get better' from, instead it was about helping me at my pace to find ways of living alongside the grief."

When we have a significant loss in our lives as a result of a friend or a relative dying, it can be one of the most challenging experiences we will ever face. The care we offer at the hospice doesn’t end when the patient dies.

Who can we support?

Our bereavement services offer support and emotional care to people of all ages who are coping after a loss, and is available to friends and relatives of any patient who has been an in-patient at Rowans Hospice, or who has attended our Day Care. It is also available to anyone who has been supported by a Macmillan Nurse, either in hospital or in the community.

Bereavement Groups

We all express loss differently and need different levels of support. Some people may want to access our support groups to meet others who have had similar losses.

These groups include:

(Please note, if any of these dates fall on a Bank Holiday, the group will NOT run in that month).

  • 'Stepping Stones' - Support Group for people recently bereaved. Drop-in 2.30-4pm on the 2nd Monday of each month, at the Rowans Living Well Centre
  • Friendship Group - Our ongoing social group for the bereaved. Drop-in 2.30-4pm on the 4th Monday of each month, at the Rowans Living Well Centre
  • Support for children through Rowans Meerkat Service

Individual Support

For others it can be helpful to have the opportunity to have one-to-one support with someone who is not connected to their family or friends. If this more individual support is wanted, we have a team of people who are available to you: Clinical Psychologists, trained counsellors, and Family Service Volunteers who have the capacity to listen in a sensitive, empathic, open and un-biased way.

Memorial Events

We also hold memorial events to provide meaningful occasions for remembering someone, including Lake of Lights, Moonlit Memories Walk, Children's Starlit Walk and the Annual Memorial Service, which are open to all.

Get in touch

If you have any questions or want further advice, please email the Bereavement Service Administrator: or

call us on 023 9223 8537