Living Well Centre Feedback Survey

We are keen to make sure that the services we provide meet your needs. We really value your feedback and appreciate you taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. Your replies will give us important information to help us shape this service for the future.

Your reason for visiting today(Required)
Approx. how many times have you visited the Living Well Centre?(Required)
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Were you satisfied with the support you received?(Required)
Were you treated with dignity & respect during your interactions with staff today?(Required)
Did you feel involved enough in the conversations about your loved one?(Required)
Were you given the right amount of information for your own care today?(Required)
Were you given the right amount of information for the care of your loved one?(Required)
If you had a complementary therapy today was it
Was aftercare advice given?
Did you have trust & confidence in the staff looking after you today?(Required)
Was the level of cleanliness acceptable in the building?(Required)

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Rowans Veterans Support Group

Does attending the Veterans Group improve your wellbeing ?


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