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Here at Rowans Living Well Services we are aware that, with more services going online and the removal of certain face to face contact, there is a false assumption that everyone has the capacity to adjust to this new digital age.

We want to see if we can help you. Would you find it helpful to learn how to:

  • Navigate phones, tablets, and computers confidently
  • Browse the internet safely
  • Create an email account and communicate online
  • Access GP’s and mental health services online
  • Order groceries and shop online

You may also have a technical issue with your personal device or there may be something you would like to do online but need assistance with? If this appeals to you, please book on our 4-week course starting in June with one of our team at Living Well Services.

Course Held: At the Living Well Centre.

How to book: Please contact the Living Well Centre via telephone on 02392 248011 or email LWC@rowanshospice.co.uk to book your place.​



Rowans Living Well Centre, Purbrook Heath Road, Purbrook, Hampshire, PO7 5RU, United Kingdom

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