Bereavement support: When to refer

The 3 levels of bereavement support:

Level 1

Level 1

Level 1 bereavement is often managed with the support of friends and families. The majority of people (around 90%) will require support at this level.

All health and social care staff should feel confident in providing level 1 support. This training is designed to enable that confidence for everybody.

Bereavement support online workshop

Level 2

Level 2 bereavement requires the support of services that have staff specially trained in talking to the bereaved, this includes many local charities that provide support free of charge. In Hampshire, you can find directories for many of these organisations here:

❯ Portsmouth
❯ Hampshire

Level 3

Level 3

The Level 3 bereavement requires support from a specialist psychology service, such as Rowans Psychology & Bereavement Service.

Referrals to specialist services can usually be made by healthcare professionals, including GPs.

Please call our service if you are in our catchment area and wish to discuss a possible referral.

If outside of our catchment area, you may like to discuss the availability of appropriate local services with your GP.

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