In-patient Care FAQs

Who can make referrals for in-patient care?

Patients may be referred by a GP, a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS), or a consultant. Patients attending hospice day services may be referred directly by  Rowans Hospice team.

Symptom management – to relieve symptoms such as pain, anxiety, sickness and breathing difficulties. We use a range of therapies such as medication, relaxation techniques, physiotherapy and complementary therapies.

Rehabilitation – to maintain as much independence as possible and, through advice and provision of equipment, to adapt to disabilities that cannot be improved. This is achieved with the support of our Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists.

Care in Dying – to ensure patients are nursed with comfort, dignity and respect; and are relieved, as far as possible, of distressing symptoms.

Urgent carer support – this may be arranged quickly in the event of a sudden deterioration. It relieves a difficult situation at home and provides time, space and expertise to make appropriate care arrangements for the future.

Planned carer support – in some situations, carer support admissions may be planned. This allows carers to have valuable time to themselves. Both patients and carers benefit from Carer Support.

Multi Professional Assessment - For patients who require assessment and input from a range of clinical disciplines.

Psychological Support - for patients requiring assessment or intensive Psychological support.

We have one ward with 19 en-suite bedrooms. Most look out on to our beautiful gardens, others have a tranquil view of our courtyard pond.

Each room has an en-suite toilet/wet room. Additional facilities include a wardrobe, recliner chair, television, Wi-Fi and notice board for personal photos and cards. We have a dedicated team of volunteers who serve meals and refreshments. We invite patients to bring photographs, ornaments and pot plants to help them feel more comfortable and make their room homely.

The ward is managed by our Ward Manager, Nikki Whyte, with the support of two Nursing Sisters who lead the Red and Green nursing teams in planning patient care. Medical care is provided by a team of doctors overseen by three specialist consultants.

No. Family and friends are welcome to visit at any time. We have an indoor activity area for young children and there are electronic games for teens.

On arrival, patients are assessed by a doctor and a nurse. Patients are admitted under the care of either the Red or Green Nursing Team. This allows the patient and their family to become familiar with one group of nurses and to benefit from the continuity of care and treatment provided by that team.

No. Patients with any advanced life-limiting illness can be referred. Many patients accessing our service do have cancer but others may have a heart, lung, kidney or nervous system disease which has recently become more difficult to treat. If you are unsure whether your diagnosis makes you eligible to be an in-patient please speak to your GP, community matron or specialist nurse.

Yes. Please bring with you all your recent and current medication, and district nursing notes if appropriate.

Please call the Clinical Secretary on 023 9224 8014 or email