Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy can help people maintain their independence and engagement in everyday activities, whilst coping with life limiting medical conditions by supporting them with identifying, understanding and adapting to changes that they are experiencing in everyday life.

"My OT understands what is important to me, she has been by my side as my condition changes and helped me get used to doing things differently"

The therapist in discussion with the patient and their family will help find practical solutions to the difficulties they may be having, this may be by obtaining equipment to help or finding a different technique or approach for carrying out an activity.

At Rowans Hospice, Occupational therapists work as part of the wider multi-disciplinary team in:

  • The Ward – working closely with patients and families to plan a patient’s safe discharge home and ensure that they can manage at home. After discharge home the Occupational Therapist will continue to see the patient at home.
  • Day Care – discussing difficulties adjusting to change and loss of function and visits to the patient’s own homes.
  • Living Well – providing group work for patients to learn to manage symptoms such as fatigue and breathlessness and to improve self confidence

For further information from the Occupational Therapy team, please

call us on 023 9225 0001