Day Care

Day Care is an integral part of Rowans Hospice care.  It enhances quality of life for patients by helping to maintain independence through engaging activities and therapies, and provides personalised care in a homely and relaxed environment.

For Patients

A visit to Day Care enables patients to socialise with others in similar situations, discuss all aspects of their illness and care with a nurse, and if needed, be referred to other Hospice care services that may benefit.

What happens in Day Care?

At Day Care, you can pursue artistic and creative projects, join in discussions and quizzes, and enjoy a range of entertainers and visitors from across the community. You also have the chance to get a haircut or unwind with a relaxing massage or other complementary therapy. Our staff and volunteers provide a friendly welcome with plenty of laughter and emotional support.

We provide a freshly prepared lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

For Families and Carers

Day Care gives valuable respite to carers and family members, knowing that their loved one is safe and enjoying their day. Carers can take the day to do something for themselves, or come down to Rowans Living Well Centre where there are many services available to support carers.

Like all services offered by Rowans Hospice, Day Care is completely free of charge. For more information go to Day Care FAQs or download the leaflet.

For general enquiries, email Day Care at or

call us on 023 9223 7140