Support Services

Many staff behind the scenes work hard to keep the Hospice a clean, safe place for our patients, families and carers, from housekeeping staff to catering staff delivering delicious, nutritious meals.


The housekeeping team are very proud of the high standards of cleanliness throughout the Hospice. Infection control is key to their work and with training, cleaning schedules and good practices in place, these standards are well maintained.

In addition to keeping the Hospice clean, the team strive to ensure it is homely and inviting, taking great care to prolong the lifespan of the building.

We have the facilities to launder patients’ clothes and this provides great relief to our patients and families, giving them one less chore to think about.


The catering team take great pride in the service provided to our patients, families, staff and volunteers. The team aim to offer a wide range of cooked meals, snacks and beverages, whilst maintaining high standards in nutritious and appetising food.

Individual needs are considered, particularly in relation to dietary and cultural requirements. Although a well-balanced diet is desirable, the pleasure that food can bring to our patients is more important than optimal nutrition. It is also important that family members, friends and carers are able to access meals and snacks during their visits.


Our chef visits all patients before each meal offering choices from our menus. Meals are brought to each room, whether it be a main meal or lighter choice, such as home-made soups or jacket potatoes. Our freshly prepared English breakfasts are very popular.

Day Services

Cooked lunches and light meals are provided to complement the care and activities that are provided. Traditional roast and fish and chip lunches are particularly popular.

Coffee Shop and visitor meals

Full catering services can be enjoyed by family, visitors and friends of patients, whether they are joining patients in their rooms or eating in our coffee shop, which provides a little haven of peace and tranquillity.

Feedback from patients and those who access the catering service is very important to us and we try to ensure all meals are an enjoyable experience.

"If I was hungry and got peckish they were willing to produce a sandwich or a drink during the night"

"The food was first class all the time"

"The quality of catering is unexpectedly good"

"The chefs were most accommodating with menu offers"


Our Facilities Supervisor is responsible for the general maintenance of the buildings and facilities, including heating, lighting and security; repairing equipment and providing assistance with moving items around the Hospice and ensuring that the Hospice is a safe and welcoming place for all patients and visitors. The Facilities Supervisor also sits on the Health and Safety Committee that consider supporting safe working practices and promoting awareness of environmental issues.