Volunteers in Rowans Hospice Group hold responsible and valued positions within the Hospice itself, our shops and in fundraising activities. By the very nature of the environment, the selection process for volunteers is a friendly and informative process including an application form that can be completed online, a brief tour of the Hospice and a short interview and where appropriate, the relevant level of disclosure with the Disclosure and Barring Scheme.

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As a new volunteer, you will receive an informative and engaging induction which brings clarity about volunteering within the Group. You are given 'hands on' support and supervision, and have the opportunity to further develop their skills. Furthermore, experienced volunteers play a pivotal role in providing mentoring and guidance to new volunteers.

Volunteers Matter

Crucially, as a volunteer you give your time freely. This enables the Hospice to become more innovative, effective and efficient in its provision of care within the community, without additional financial burdens.

Investing in our Volunteers

At Rowans Hospice, we are passionate about the inclusion of volunteers in our work. We invest time and money into appropriate training, supervision and support of every volunteer. In return, we can offer a sense of belonging, renewed confidence, social support networks and new or enhanced skill sets.

By the distinctive nature of volunteers, they can be responsive, flexible and add diversity, while operating alongside staff in a complementary way. Without this collaboration, Rowans Hospice would be unable to sustain its services or develop the high level of care it offers patients, their families and carers.

Rowans Hospice engages volunteers in a wide variety of roles, some of which are patient-focused while others are more behind the scenes, but certainly no less important.

In essence, it is volunteers who help maintain the informal atmosphere, empathy and the uniqueness of care, which are the very foundations on which Rowans Hospice was built.


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