How to Plan an Event

If you’ve never planned a fundraising event or activity before, there’s no need to feel daunted. We’re here to support you and help make your activity as fun and stress-free as possible.

Here are our top tips for organising fantastic fundraising events:

Set a date

Be sure to check that your event doesn't clash with others like the World Cup Final, Grand National or start of school holidays!

Plan ahead

Make sure you plan your event well in advance. Consider where you want to hold your event, such as local community centres or pubs, outside or inside. Remember to book your venue in good time.

Ask for help

Getting friends, family and work colleagues to help you will make the planning process a lot more fun and creative. Getting them involved will also generate enthusiasm and support for your event.

Draw up a budget

If you're planning to donate all profits from an event to the Hospice, plan out how much you’re likely to spend, look at ways to cut costs as much as possible and set yourself a fundraising target that will be significantly more than the cost of the event. Remember, the more you spend, the less that is left to be donated!

Use us

Don’t forget we have a wide range of fundraising goodies such as t-shirts, collecting buckets, banners and balloons available to support your event. Write a plan checklist and tick things off as you go. If you need props or costumes why not shop with us to see what bargains you can pick up.

Keep it legal

Seek permission where necessary and check legal requirements. Make sure you find out whether special licenses are required. This particularly applies if you plan to organise a raffle or street collection. If so please ensure you contact us first so that we can advise on how to run it legally. If you’re under 18, check that it’s OK for you to take part in a fundraiser

Be safe

As the event organiser you must ensure the safety of participants. Not only are you required to comply with Health and Safety legislation but you may also need to consider First Aid and Fire Safety requirements. Your local council will be able to provide you with full details.

You may need public liability insurance for your event. Check with your venue and service providers (for example bands, catering, marquee hire) as they may already be covered.

Publicise your event

Do so as widely as possible in your neighbourhood. You could put up posters, hand out flyers and even get your local papers, parish magazines and radio stations involved. Remember that word of mouth is one of the best forms of publicity so invite everyone you know and ask them to tell all their friends and work colleagues. Social Media is a great way of reaching lots of people and spreading the word about your event.

Keep a record

List everyone who has supported you. You’ll find it a useful reminder of who to thank after the event.

Enjoy yourself and tell us about your event!

We love to know what people are doing to support us and let you know how we can support you.

Please Register Your Event here. Our team of fundraisers will then be in touch to offer advice and lots of support!

For more information contact the Community Fundraising Team by email or

call us on 023 9223 8531