Six Steps to Success Programme for Nursing Homes

Six Steps to Success

The Pathway to Quality End of Life Care in Nursing Homes within Portsmouth

Programme Information:

The Six Steps to Success programme has been developed to aim to enhance End of Life Care through facilitating organisational change, and supporting staff to develop their roles around End of Life Care.

End of Life Care champions within the Nursing Home will be supported by the Education Facilitator to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence. They are then encouraged to empower other staff members in the care home to deliver high quality End of Life Care that encompasses the philosophy of Palliative Care. This programme, with the Education Facilitator, will provide evidence that change is happening.

The programme is designed to be delivered over 8 months and consists of nine half day workshops. Additional support and advice will be provided over this period. These will include an introduction workshop, one for each of the six steps of the national end of life care pathway, a dementia workshop and a concluding workshop. Each session will embrace individualised patient care and communication as key elements.

Six Steps to Success Nursing Homes Hampshire

Six Steps to Success Programme for Nursing Homes - Free of Charge

There is no charge to this programme. However only 14 Homes have the opportunity to participate. All that is asked is that the Home is committed and engaged with this process by supporting at least 2-3 staff members to attend the full programme. One must be a senior member of staff who can support, embed and sustain organisational change within the Home as required. This will be demonstrated in a completed portfolio of evidence.

The programme will be funded by Portsmouth City Council and is based on the Six Steps described in the Route to Success, which guides to improving End of Life Care. The aim above all is to ensure all patients at end of life receive high quality care.

Portsmouth have commissioned this work for 14 homes which have all been recruited. If you have interest for the future, please let us know.