Retail Gift Aid

Our shops play a huge role in raising money for our Hospice services. By allowing us to claim Gift Aid on the sale of your donated items you will help to generate additional income at no extra cost to you.

Gift Aid enables us to claim back the basic rate tax on every single £ your donations sell for, increasing their value by 25%


One bag of donated items can raise as much as £25, so with Gift Aid it's worth £31.25!

It's really simple: 
  1. When donating items to our shops, ask a team member to Gift Aid your donation.
  2. Provided you're eligible, we will take your details and fill out a Gift Aid declaration form.
  3. Once completed, we will give you a Gift Aid donor card with unique donor ID.
  4. Bring your card with you every time you donate items.

A sticker with your unique donor ID is attached to the items you have donated and once sold, we will claim Gift Aid on the proceeds from HMRC.

Existing Gift Aid donors

If you're an existing Retail Gift Aid donor and have items to donate to our shops, you can now print your own Gift Aid label (PDF) which help us process your much needed donations more quickly. Please print your label, attach it to your donation bag with tape, complete your donor ID number and drop off at your local shop.

Terms and conditions

To be eligible for the Gift Aid scheme, you must be a UK tax payer and have paid enough Income or Capital Gains tax to cover all of your donations. Please note that council tax and VAT do not apply.

Please read our full Gift Aid Terms and Conditions (PDF).


Can I complete the Gift Aid declaration after I have donated my items?

Unfortunately not. The items need to be given your unique Gift Aid number at the time of donating so we can register the number and capture the recording of your sales straight away.


Yes. Please call us on 023 9225 0001 or email to let us know your new contact details. It is important that we have the correct details so your Gift Aid can be claimed correctly. If we cannot contact you, we may not be able to claim Gift Aid from HMRC on your stock donations.

Yes. Please call us on 023 9225 0001 or email to let us know.

If you are not a UK taxpayer, we cannot claim Gift Aid on your stock donations – but we will still gratefully receive them. If you have any concerns about tax, please contact your local tax office or financial advisor.

No. Your contact details will only be used by the Rowans Hospice

No. We will only contact you should your donated sales exceed £1,000 during any single tax year. You can keep postal costs down by providing us with your email address.

Call 023 9225 0001, email or write to Rowans Hospice, Purbrook Health Road, Purbrook, Waterlooville, Hampshire, PO7 5RU.