Fundraise by Recycling

In all aspects of our work at Rowans Hospice we endeavour to practise the three Rs of environment protection: reduce, recycle, reuse.

  • Kitchen waste is composted
  • Waste paper and cardboard from offices is recycled
  • Goods sold in our shops have minimal packaging
  • Wood waste from the gardens is shredded and recycled as mulch for the Hospice grounds or sold to raise funds
  • Collection bins and recycling envelopes are located throughout the Hospice and in our charity shops

We have created an Energy Forum which looks at ways of reducing our impact on the environment. By managing waste effectively and making better use of resources, we make your money go further!

How you can help the environment and fundraise through the three Rs


When you shop with us help us to reduce waste by accepting your purchases without a bag and using your own.


Bring us your empty toner cartridges and old mobile phones and we’ll recycle them for cash through Clover Environmental Solutions.

Foreign coins, milk bottle tops and used stamps can all be donated to us and converted into cash to support Hospice care.


Don’t throw away good quality clothes, toys, furniture or anything else you don’t want. They can be used by someone else. If you’re having a clear-out please donate to our shops any books, CDs, DVDs or household items.

If you would like to recycle to raise funds for Rowans Hospice please contact the fundraising team by email or

call us on 023 9223 8531