Katy Sexton shares why she’s looking forward to being a Strictly judge

February 12th, 2020 Posted in Hospice News
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Why have you agreed to take part in Rowans does Strictly?

Rowans is always a local charity that I want to support if I can. Having known many family members and friends who have experienced Rowans care, it is so nice to support the charity. It is especially nice to be able to give my support in what will be a fun event as well.

What are you going to be looking out for when judging?

Years and years ago I used to do some dancing myself; tap, modern and ballet. I think I am able to follow a beat of music and will be making sure that the dancers are keeping in time!
Naturally I am quite competitive, so I will want to see that the dancers are really trying. Everyone loves a trier! Moreover, in the spirit of this competition, what I really want to see is that they are enjoying it and having fun.

Have you got a favourite type of dance?

I just love any type of dance. I do love watching a musical and going to watch shows.

Which Strictly Come Dancing judge will you draw on for inspiration?

Going back a bit, but Len probably. I might try to mimic his SEVERRRRN. I do like Craig but I will not be drawing on him for inspiration when giving feedback to the contestants. I think they are all fantastic in doing this event.

What is your favourite song to dance to and why?

Ed Sheeran’s song ‘Perfect’. It was my wedding song. My other half has been singing it to our baby since she was born and she just stares lovingly at him when he sings it.

What does dancing mean to you?

I think you can express yourself in many different ways through dance and obviously it is fantastic for your fitness. It really is a great all-round exercise for everybody and it doesn’t matter what ability you are, you can still join in.

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