In-patient Referral

How to request in-patient admission (for those working outside of our Specialist Palliative Care Services)

You need to contact the Admissions Co-ordinator at Rowans Hospice, who is either a senior ward doctor or one of the Medical Consultants.

8.30am - 5pm Monday to Friday: please call 023 9223 8546

Out of hours: please call the ward on 023 9225 0001


The Co-ordinator establishes the answer to three questions:

1. Does the situation fit the criteria?

The criteria for in-patient admission can be found here.

2. What is our availability to admit?

The coordinator will inform you as to the availability.

3. How urgent is the request?

The referrer will be asked to indicate an acceptable timescale, giving the coordinator a “target date”.

  1. If the need is urgent and the patient has not been assessed by a member of our services, admission can be accepted based on clinical discussion. The referrer will have to ensure that the patient and family are aware of the criteria for admission; the hospice ethos; and the resuscitation policy (that neither advanced life support nor fluid resuscitation can be offered) and seek alternative admission if these are not accepted by the patient.
  2. (Our preferred method) If the patient has never been assessed by a member of the service or the need is not urgent, assessment will be offered. The patient and family have an opportunity to discuss any concerns or worries they have and the service can make a specialist assessment and prepare for the individual’s needs on admission. In appropriate cases, Hospice at Home as an alternative can be explored.
  3. If the need is urgent and there is no capacity for admission within the necessary timescale, the patient may be admitted to hospital (the only infinite resource in the health economy). The Hospital Specialist Palliative Care Team will review the patient’s condition, arranging transfer if appropriate.
The decision may be
  1. admit today / tomorrow or
  2. we arrange to assess the patient or
  3. admission elsewhere – with assessment for transfer from that place to the hospice