What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness practice allows people to develop a set of skills they can use to look after their own psychological wellbeing. It develops self-awareness and self-compassion, and reduces unhelpful patterns of worrying, which in turn helps people change their relationship to distressing emotions and thoughts, and gives them more choice about how they respond to difficulties in life. It cultivates in people a more deliberate awareness of their experiences and actions in the here and now. There is a strong evidence base supporting the use of Mindfulness based approaches in the treatment of depression and anxiety.

Mindfulness practice, and the mental health benefits that it promotes, are supported at The Rowans Hospice through the courses and events described below. You may also access free audio recordings of guided Mindfulness practices in the resources section of this page.

Developing Mindfulness Practice: An 8 week course

The Rowans Hospice runs a well-established 8 week training programme, which uses the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy programme originally developed by Segal, Williams and Teasdale in 2002.

The programme, which has been running for over 10 years now, is facilitated by experienced Mindfulness practitioners. The course runs 3 times per year (usually starting in January, May, and September). Places on each course fill up quickly, so book early.

Please note that we run an ‘orientation’ session prior to each course, which you can attend for free prior to committing to the full course, to give participants an overview of the programme. Course dates and costs are detailed at the bottom of this page.

Please contact the Rowans Hospice Education Administrator by emailing info@rowanshospice.co.uk for full details about signing up for the course.

Maintaining your Mindfulness Practice

Besides the 8-week training programme, we also run drop in sessions twice a month and three Saturday morning silent retreats through the year. If you would like to attend one of our retreats but are completely new to mindfulness, we ask that you contact us to talk through what is involved. See below for further details of these events.

Upcoming Courses and Events

First and third Wednesday of the month at 5pm in the Chapel at Rowans Hospice.

Silent Retreat - Saturday 29 October, 9.30am - 1pm in the Seminar Room at Rowans Hospice.


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Body Scan (29:13)

10 min Sitting (9:52)

Stretch & Breath (29:42)

Breathing Space (3:39)


Mindful Movement (30)

Sitting Practice (30)

Coping with Difficulty Space (5:30)

Additional Short Practices

Silence with Bells (15)

The Pause (2:18)

Coming to the breath with kindness (4:23)

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