Please note: Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are unable to provide the current training programme at the moment.  We are happy to offer support and guidance over the phone and by email, we are also able to provide virtual training sessions through a Microsoft Teams call. Please contact us for further information. Thank you for your understanding.

We believe that providing good healthcare education is central to outstanding end of life care

We offer a varied programme of education for our staff, volunteers, fellow healthcare professionals and the wider community. Training is delivered by experts and involves theory, reflections, group work, participation and discussion.

To find out the upcoming dates of any of the courses below, please email If you apply online, we will send you available dates and confirm your booking directly with you.

Education Group 8 2015

Bereavement Support through the COVID Crisis

Bereavement support online workshop Our Psychology & Bereavement Service has created an education video: ‘Supporting the Bereaved through the COVID Crisis.‘ This has been designed as a resource for anyone who provides care and support to bereaved people. If this is a part of your role, or your organisation’s role, you might like to check it out.

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Health & Well-Being Courses

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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Course

The practice of Mindfulness allows us to become more awake to the present moment, providing a way to experience yourself and the world around you with non-judgemental awareness. The course is 9 weeks long and open to anyone in the community who wants to learn more about the practice of mindfulness.

Resilience Workshop

This workshop aims to provide you with the tools and techniques to help develop resilience for your journey through life. Resilience is the ability to tolerate, cope with and overcome adverse events or stress, and to learn, grow and develop as a result of these.


Nurse Provision and Role Enhancing Courses

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Discussions and Decision Making for uDNACPR

To increase confidence and competence in making and communicating these decisions with patients and/or relatives.

Discussions and Decision Making for uDNACPR

Link Nurse Group

These Link Nurse Group Meetings are an opportunity to meet other professionals working within Palliative and End of Life Care (EOLC), consisting of an education session and supervision from
qualified and experienced professional healthcare practitioners.

Syringe Driver Training

This 2 hour training session updates your existing knowledge to safely practice and explore the reasons for setting up and managing a patient requiring a syringe driver.

Verification of Expected Death (VoED) Training

To provide the skills and knowledge for recognising death, the process for anticipating an expected death and knowing when not to verify death.


Palliative Care Courses

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Namaste Care Programme for your Care Home

This course is designed to support you in the setting up of the Namaste Care Programme in your home to care for the well-being of people with advanced dementia at the end of their lives. It is a structured care programme integrating compassionate nursing care with meaningful, individualised activities.

Six Steps to Success Programme for Nursing Homes


9-12 month programme dates and times negotiated to suit homes requirements

The Six Steps to Success programme has been developed to enhance End of Life Care through facilitating organisational change, and supporting staff to develop their roles around End of Life Care.


Communication Courses

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Complex Discussions in End of Life Care

To provide an opportunity to explore the puzzles you will have experienced in your clinical work and develop new strategies for addressing these challenges.

Please note Course Requirement: Having some form of difficult or complex conversations in end of life care within job role is essential.

Working with Loss and the SAGE & THYME Foundation Level workshop

This course is divided into two parts. The morning session gives the participant an opportunity to explore how individuals respond to loss and change and the afternoon session is a 3 hour SAGE & THYME foundation workshop designed to train staff to listen and respond to individuals who are distressed or concerned.

SAGE & THYME Foundation Level workshop afternoon course

A three-hour course without the Working With Loss section.

Supporting Difficult Conversations for Non-clinicians

To provide a set of skills to enable you to respond to difficult conversations effectively and with empathy


Bespoke Courses

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