Make-a-Will Fortnight

Rowans Hospice's 'Make a Will Fortnight' will runs every year in June.

In 2018, Make-a-Will fortnight will run from 4-15 June.

During this time, participating organisations waive their fee (for writing a 'basic' or 'simple' Will), and instead offer their services free of charge in return for a donation being made to Rowans Hospice.

We are very grateful to them for their support. 

How it works

  1. Contact an organisation from the list (which will be published in due course) and arrange to meet with them.
  2. At the meeting, explain your requirements, e.g. what assets you have and who you want to benefit. The solicitor will tell you if it can be done as a 'basic' or 'simple' Will. If what you request requires specialist advice, they will tell you what cannot be included under this scheme and give you a separate price for the additional work. All participating organisations reserve the right to charge you an additional fee if your Will is considered 'complex'.
  3. The basic service would normally cost around £150 for a single Will and £235 for a joint or mirror Will. It would be appreciated if your donation could reflect the time and effort given by the organisation in support of this event.
  4. Instead of paying the fee, you will be asked to give your donation (cheque made payable to Rowans Hospice).

Participating Organisations for 2018

Participating organisations will be announced in due course.

For further information about Make-a-Will Fortnight, or to receive a list of participating organisations when they are announced,  please email the Fundraising Team at or

call us on 023 9223 8532