Leave a Gift in your Will

Making the decision to leave a legacy to Rowans Hospice in your Will is so vitally important to us. Why? Because legacies are the largest single source of income to us and are therefore vital in helping us to continue providing much needed services to our community. Advising us that you are leaving us a gift is helpful as this enables us to plan for the future.

After you have looked after your family, please consider Rowans Hospice

Residuary Bequest (Legacy)

After making provision for your loved ones, you might consider leaving what is left over to Rowans. This is legally known as a residuary bequest and commonly known as a legacy.

Pecuniary Bequest

A pecuniary bequest is where you can leave us a fixed amount.

Legacy in Kind

Finally, you can leave us a legacy in kind. This is a named item such as a piece of jewellery , furniture, property or shares.

Whatever you decide to do, you will be helping us enormously.