Who’s Who

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for governance. They give their time on a voluntary basis to ensure the Hospice is moving in the right direction.

  • Elizabeth Emms, Honorary Chairman
  • Ian Young, Honorary Vice-Chairman
  • Caroline Hewitt, Honorary Treasurer
  • Lisa Dickens
  • Roger Harrison
  • Dr Roger Sutton
  • Vivien West
  • Wendy Greenish
  • David Brindley
  • Anne Powell
  • Eva Dixon
  • Tony Saunders

Honorary Vice-Presidents

  • Christine Banerjee
  • Ian Bott

Hospice Executive Group

Day-to-day management is the responsibility of the Hospice Executive Group.

  • Ruth White, Chief Executive
  • Theresa Bailey, Director of Marketing and Fundraising
  • Carol Milner, Director of People Services & Retail
  • Mark Van Wijk, Director of Finance
  • Dr P-J Morey,┬áMedical Director
  • Erika Lipscombe, Director of Clinical Services/Matron
  • Jenny Redman, Director of Quality