Pay Equality at Rowans Hospice

Rowans Hospice
Gender Pay Gap Report 2017/2018

Under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017, Rowans Hospice is required to carry out Gender Pay Reporting on an annual basis. As at 5th April 2017, Rowans Hospice Group employed 314 people, of which 88% are female.

Organisations are required to report on the differences in average pay between men and woman in relation to the mean and median hourly rate as follows:

  • Rowans Hospice mean hourly pay for men is 14.2% lower than the mean hourly pay for women.
  • Rowans Hospice median hourly pay for men is 15.6% lower than the median hourly pay for women.

Rowans Hospice is also required to report on the proportion of males and females in each quartile pay band as follows:

  • Of the 79 employees in the lower quartile, 12 are male and 67 are female. This means 15.2% are male and 84.8% are female.
  • Of the 78 employees in the lower middle quartile, 14 are male and 64 are female. This means 17.9% are male and 82.1% are female.
  • Of the 79 employees in the middle quartile, 7 are male and 72 are female. This means 8.9% are male and 91.1% are female.
  • Of the 78 employees in the upper quartile, 5 are male and 73 are female. This means 6.4% are male and 93.6% are female.

The regulations also require calculations in respect of bonus earnings but these do not apply to the Rowans Hospice as no employees receive bonuses.

The results demonstrate that typically male employees have lower pay than female employees. It should however be noted that this is in the context of having a predominately female workforce, in particular within the middle and upper quartile, that has high female representation within our Executive Team, Doctors and Senior Nursing Staff groups. This is also indicative of the industry in which we operate where 86% of nursing roles and 84% of Care Worker positions are held by women (

The Rowans Hospice People Strategy aligns equality best practice to all of our people activities. We continue to develop the workforce to reflect the communities in we serve and operate, and to develop a culture which is attractive and inclusive to all.

Ruth White Chief Executive Officer