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Rowans staff ready to model at the Fashion Show this evening https://t.co/VRGAVC0BnB

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Congratulations to Joseph Tilloston who was made #YoungCitizeofFareham this week, in recognition of fundraising... https://t.co/dquBbA2G7L

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RT @JTCHANGINGBIZ: I'll donate the first new five pound note I get to a charity. Will you? #fivergiver

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Activities for remembering

Activities for remembering

There are many ways to maintain a special relationship with someone who has died but it is important that you only do what feels right for you. Below we suggest some activities you may find helpful. 

  • Talk about the person with others, especially friends and relatives.
  • Visit somewhere special that had meaning for both of you.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk aloud to the person.
  • Write a poem or letter expressing your thoughts, feelings and memories.
  • Take some time to put all those photographs together.
  • Memory boxes can be a good way to stay connected. They are particularly useful for children but work just as well for adults.
  • Be kind to yourself and don’t feel you need to rush your grief.

Volunteer with us.

Whatever your age or interests, we provide many opportunities to volunteer at The Rowans Hospice. Serve meals, work in a shop, help in the hospice or drive for us.


Shop with us.

Bag yourself a bargain and support us at the same time. Visit our shops and see our great range of new and donated goods. You can donate as you shop by giving us anything you no longer want.


How to help.

Discover the exciting ways you can fundraise and get involved with The Rowans Hospice. From abseiling to family walks and business fun days, we.ve got great events for everyone.