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Occupational therapy

Occupational Therapists look at how serious illness limits the way patients live and how to support them in making appropriate lifestyle changes as the illness progresses. 

Wherever possible we help patients to retain a sense of independence and control as an important part of their quality of life. 

The aim of occupational therapy is to help patients maintain their ability to perform everyday activities, thus providing a sense of normality in the face of life-limiting illness. We do this through the provision of medical equipment and adaptations in the home and by discussing ways of managing activities to conserve energy.

Occupational therapy can help patients to:

  • plan for being cared for at home
  • manage anxiety and fatigue
  • increase feelings of well-being and self-worth 
  • come to terms with the progression of their illness

We see individuals at home and when they are admitted for in-patient care. Our services are also available to those who attend Day Care and The Heath Centre 

As with all services provided by The Rowans Hospice, access to occupational therapy is completely free of charge.

For more information email Chrissie.Carden-Noad@rowanshospice.co.uk or Sarah Lowe on 023 9223 8542.

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