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Spiritual Care

Spiritual care

We recognise that, in addition to medical and nursing care, patients, their families and friends also have spiritual needs. Our specialist chaplaincy service is available not only to our in-patient unit but reaches beyond to serve those attending The Heath Centre, Day Care and those in the community.

The word spiritual means different things to different people. Spirituality is commonly defined as follows:

"A quality that goes beyond religious affiliation, that strives for inspirations, reverence, awe, meaning and purpose, even in those who do not believe in God. The Spiritual Dimension tries to be in harmony with the universe, strives for answers about the infinite, and comes into focus when the person faces emotional stress, physical illness or death.Murray & Zenter l989

Chaplain Carol Gully

So, it is not necessary to have a religious belief in order to have spiritual needs. Spirituality is something within all of us. It goes deeper than what we immediately feel yet forms an integral part of our wholeness.

During illness, questions and doubts arise, some spiritual some not. Our chaplain, Carol Gully,  is here for you whatever your beliefs or life stance. She is not here to proselytise any particular faith but to support you, and is available to help you deepen your own understanding of journey, or just as a friend to walk alongside for a while.

To contact Carol call 023 9225 0001 or email carol.gully@rowanshospice.co.uk

The Chapel

Sometimes called a sanctuary or quiet room, the Chapel is available to all and has a peaceful air should you want time out to just ‘be’.

The Book of Memories is kept in the Chapel and contains the names of those who have died in the hospice or have in some way been linked with our care. If you think your relative’s name should be entered please call our Matron, Erika Lipscombe, on 023 9223 8542. The Book remains in the Chapel for those who wish to visit and is also used as part of our Annual Memorial Service.


Services can be held in the Chapel on request and tailored to individual's needs. Holy Communion is also available in patients’ own rooms, together with other ministries, by request.

There is an Annual Memorial and Thanksgiving Service held during Eastertide in the Portsmouth Anglican  Cathedral and at Christmas Light up a Life services of remembrance happen both at The Hospice and at Canoe Lake, Portsmouth. For more details see our latest events.

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